Di Balich - Omaha's #1 Sales Agent

Why do so many of Di Balich’s vendors return to list their property for sale with her?


Because experience is where it counts.  Di continually demonstrates that she has the right approach when it comes to marketing coastal property and with over 30 years experience in the property transaction game, she has firmly cemented herself as Omaha’s #1 sales agent.


Di prefers to follow the traditional method of selling real estate, giving the vendor an accurate appraisal of what the property is worth in the current market. Marketing the property in the correct fashion, then negotiating with interested parties with flexibility to arrive at the desired outcome for the vendor.


Di loves challenges and people. This together with her vast experience in dealing with an extensive range of complex property transactions has given her a great understanding and knowledge of how to get a deal done.


Make Di Balich your go to sales person for your coastal property.

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