Steady As You Go

The Omaha and Point Wells markets still remain “steady as you go.” Decision making is taking a little bit longer, buyers are being careful and are tending to hold out a bit to see if a better property comes along. We're not experiencing any price adjustments, the value of property in this area will continue to remain high and a good long term investment as the area is always going to be seen as a desirable location to live, particularly for the 'Auckland refugees' wanting to escape the busy city for a quieter lifestyle.

Remember, as long as you are buying and selling on the same market you're not disadvantaging your financial position. According to the latest Real Estate Institute of New Zealand monthly report, "Rodney continues to see an influx of out of town buyers looking to re-settle within the region as parts of Rodney are currently experiencing high growth in commercial building activity. Auckland’s property market is always changing, but it is likely that there won’t be any major changes to the current patterns until spring.” I have a wide variety of listings at the moment, from sections, to new builds, older style kiwi bach's to modern luxury homes - something for everyone. I have a couple of new listings coming onto the market shortly in Omaha North, priced around the $1.3m mark.

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