The Omaha Shuffle

I know what you’re thinking… The Omaha Shuffle? Is that a kind of dance? Well, it probably could be! And yes it takes two to tango! But what I’m referring to is the movement of long-term Omaha residents selling one property and moving to another or in other words a good old fashioned property trade.

Everyone’s circumstances are different and change for various reasons. Some people want to downsize and consolidate their financial investment in a property, release cash and move into something smaller, with less upkeep, but still stay in Omaha. Others want to take the next step on the property ladder and perhaps look to shift into something larger to cater for a growing family or something more modern with a better outlook closer to the beach. What hasn’t been widely utilised in recent times or appreciated in the now very traditional market is that you can essentially ‘swap’/ trade properties with another resident of Omaha, with one party paying the difference in value between the two. In recent years, I’ve seen increasing numbers of residents wanting this cost effective, low stress option of selling their property. I have a growing number of people joining my ‘Omaha Shuffle’ database, giving me their list of requirements of what they want in a property. When I find a property from another resident that matches their requirements I put the two together and 'happy days' the deal is done. If you’re looking to sell a property in Omaha but aren’t in a rush, wanting to upsize, downsize or just move sideways, please do get in touch with me and I can advise what else is out there in the market and what you could ‘shuffle’ yourself into. You never know, I might even find you that perfect dance partner.


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