Freedom Campers on Their Way?

There has been a lot of chatter in the Omaha Beach Community about Freedom Campers with the Auckland Council undertaking assessments as to where campers could park and set up.

For the latest on the debate and where freedom camping sites are proposed to be established in Omaha, check out this informative section on the Omaha Beach website. While I don't have a problem with people exploring our beautiful country at their leisure, I do take issue with areas being overwhelmed by visiting freedom campers with a lack of infrastructure and ammenities to support them. It also begs the question, with hundreds of DOC campsites dotted around the country, why does local government need to spend more money to provide more free services for these visitors.

If you are a resident of Omaha and wish to have your say, please do it here on the OBC website.

In regard to property in Omaha, Matakana and Point Wells. Still plenty of high quality properties available, and I'm fielding calls on a daily basis from people looking for something specific. If there is something particular you are after, don't hesitate to get in touch. And just listed this week I have the quintessential entry level rustic kiwi bach at Campbells Beach (Tawharanui Peninsula) - $650,000. Contact me for more information or to view.


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