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As I said last month, properties in Omaha and the surrounding coast are selling. Levels of interest in the $1m-$1.5m price bracket remains high. And when properties in this segment come up for sale, they are selling very quickly. 10 Kookaburra Drive on the Tawharanui Peninsula sold in a matter of weeks – it was priced well, marketed effectively and it sold.

And just this week, 34 Campbells Road has just come onto the market, a traditional kiwi bach getaway, which I expect to sell quite quickly.

When it comes to selling your property, investing in a solid marketing and advertising campaign is one of the best investments you can make. At the moment, properties supplied with a good marketing investment are selling well. I can't sell secrets, the more people that know the property is for sale, the greater the chance I have of getting the vendor the top price for their property. Everyone thinks their property is unique, so why not have a unique marketing campaign and strategy to go along with it? It's a highly competitive market and it pays to ensure your property stands out from the pack. The key is to be able to cast the net far and wide to lure in as many potential buyers as possible.

The more interest you attract, the more competition there will be for your home and the higher the price you are likely to achieve. With that, a recent report in the New Zealand Herald has indicated that coastal property prices around the country are soaring - with the Omaha median price now at $1.76m - an increase of 31%.

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