Selling on the Downlow

Its been a busy couple of weeks, with lots of appraisals and selling one property, another under contract, and possibly a multi-offer coming up on another. One thing I have observed recently is increasing vendor enquiry again for selling properties ‘off-market’.

‘Off-market' essentially means the property is for sale with little or no marketing, with the vendors wanting a discrete sales process using the services of a leading local agent “in the know” with a database of qualified current buyer market enquiry. Which leads me to another point I have noticed in the last number of weeks. On analyses of the last 6 months sales, 80% of properties sold in Omaha recently have been sold to buyers who are already residents of the area, or very close friends of existing property owners. These local buyers do understand the Omaha market better than anyone elsewhere, and in many cases better understand the value and location of their new property of interest and will pay more to secure their dream beach home. So, why spend up large or commit to big media advertising campaigns, when the right buyers are more than likely right on your doorstep! There are any number of ways to sell a property – from negotiating to auctions. While an auction isn’t always the best way to sell a property in Omaha (in my opinion), I do have a very good auctioneer that I work with should the need arise. A number of times, I’ve mentioned the ‘Omaha Shuffle’ which is the movement of long-term Omaha residents selling one property and moving to buy another or in other words a good old fashioned property transaction. A lot of the time these transactions are being done off-market and as I just mentioned, what I’m seeing is an increasing desire from Omaha property owners to pursue this selling process. Interestingly as well, several successful auction bidders have come from the “Omaha Shuffle” mix. At the moment, I have over 1000 people on my database, many of whom are active buyers. So when a vendor comes to me and wants to do an off-market sale, I can quite quickly match the property to the right buyer and get the sale done. Coming Up: Currently in build I have a modern, contemporary, architecturally designed home situated on the harbourside of Omaha with estuary views. The completion date is scheduled for before Xmas and will be priced at around $3.2m. I also have an amazing beachfront for qualified buyers only. Contact me confidentially for further information.

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